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We are always accepting applications for EMTs, AEMTs, and Paramedics to join our team of event medical professionals.

To start the application process submit your application by clicking here.

Click here for the employment application

Once your application is received you will get an email back saying that your application has been received or there are problems with it.

When we do a testing for EMT, AEMT, or Paramedic you will be notified via email.  The testing process consists of:

  • Formal Interview – you will be asked interview type questions.  Depending on available staff there may be a single interviewer or multiple interviewers in your formal interview.  During your interview you will be asked questions about GEMS.  Do some research about us before entering the interview.
  • GEMS Background – the interviewer will discuss the background of Guardian Elite Medical Services and what we do.  This is your chance to ask any questions about the company.
  • Written Test – this is a 100 question written exam designed to test your knowledge as an EMT, AEMT, or Paramedic.  With this test be sure to follow all written instructions.  Failure to do so will result in removal from the application process.
  • Oral Scenarios – there may be an oral scenario or two.


After all interviews are complete you will be notified via email if you will be offered a position at Guardian Elite Medical Services or not.  Once you are offered a position then there will be further instructions as to completing your protocol exam and picking up your first shift.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Guardian Elite Medical Services?
A: Guardian Elite Medical Services is a special event medical service that provides EMTs, Paramedics, and standby ambulances to special events including concerts, conventions, festivals, etc.


Q: Because you have ambulances does that mean that you transport?
A: We only transport if the patient’s condition is so critical that rapid transportation to a hospital will be in the patient’s best interest.  Otherwise our focus is on the event.


Q: What kind of events does GEMS cover?
A: We cover a variety of events including concerts, conventions, sporting events, corporate functions, knitting contests, motocross, running races, and many other types of events.


Q: Do people get actually get sick at events?
A: Sometimes. Since our start we have seen cardiac arrests, diabetic issues, strokes, heart attacks, assault/battery, and anything else you can think of.


Q: How often does GEMS accept applications?
A: We are always accepting applications, however we only hire as we need to fill slots.  We try to maintain a staff of 45 employees.  As that number dwindles we will begin the hiring process to fill those slots.


Q: How many people do you hire at a time?
A: It all depends on what we need.


Q: How long is the interview process?
A: Plan on spending about 2 hours in the interview process.  This will allow you to complete the personnel interview, the written test, and ask any questions about GEMS.


Q: How long does the hiring process take?
A: From the time that we start interviews it may take almost a month to process all the applications and send out hiring notices.  It then takes about 2 more weeks to process you for the protocol exam.


Q: Can I do a ride along with Guardian Elite Medical Services?
A: We do not have a formal “ride along” program in place at this time, however, if you are interested in seeing what we do first hand please send us an email at info@gemslv.com and we can try to match you with a shift so you can experience first hand what working at GEMS is like.


Q: What level provider are you looking for?
A: All levels! EMTs, AEMTs, and Paramedics are welcome to apply!!!


Q: Will I be a good fit for GEMS?
A: This will be discussed more in the interview process.  The purpose for the interview is to find qualified people who will be an asset to our team.  More specifically what we are looking for are part time employees who want to work special events.  This means that GEMS will not be your primary source of employment.  Therefore we often hire individuals who are financially secure who want to be here.  What we try to avoid is hiring on personnel who leave us a short time later for other agencies.  We ask that if hired on you commit at least 6 months to a year to GEMS.


Q: I do not have any experience.  Will that be a problem?
A: It can often be hard to get into EMS for new EMTs and we realize that.  We hire new EMTs quite frequently.  Although we would prefer you to have experience we will not hold it against you if you are fresh out of school.  Everyone has to start somewhere; might as well be with us!


Q: How much can I expect to work at GEMS?
A: Currently we are only looking for part-time staff.  Our schedule and workload constantly changes.  More information on the schedule and workload will be discussed during your interview.


Q: Can I maintain employment with another employer while working at GEMS?
A: We do not care where you work.  You are more than welcome to have outside employment as long as it does not conflict with your responsibilities at GEMS.  Please check with your current employer to see if they will allow you to seek outside employment.


Q: What kind of benefits does GEMS offer?
A: We offer a great working environment.  Hands on experience in EMS.  FLEXIBLE ON-LINE SCHEDULING.  Continuing education credit.  Great events.  Fun shifts.  Employee discounts through our HR company.