Construction Medics

The Construction Safety Team at Guardian Elite Medical Services specializes in keeping your construction site safe by maintaining compliance with OSHA standards 1926.23 and 1926.50.  Sometimes it is required to have medical staffing at a construction site in order to comply with local, state, and federal regulations.  A minimum of an EMT, with further training in OSHA 10, 30, and occupational health will be stationed at your construction site to participate in injury prevention and respond to any emergency that may take place.

Before starting your construction project allow Guardian Elite Medical Services to complete a site walkthrough and meet with the leadership of the job site to determine the medical protocols that need to be implemented.  Guardian Elite Medical Services will be able to identify medical staffing needs, site specific hazards, and the coordination that needs to take place with outside agencies to ensure that your construction site is as safe as it can be.

By using Guardian Elite Medical Services on your next job site, we will be able to:

  • Staff and maintain an onsite infirmary with physician oversight from our medical director
  • Treat minor and major injuries and recommend further care if needed
  • Stock site specific first aid kits
  • Maintain site specific first aid kits
  • Coordinate care with local facilities and local emergency response agencies
  • Attend all safety meetings
  • Provide CPR, First Aid, and other mandatory trainings to workers
  • Provide a customized Emergency Action Plan for your job site
  • Provide onsite Drug and Alcohol testing if needed
  • Track all cases of injuries and illnesses that are reported to the job site
  • Completion of incident report forms after an incident
  • Establish a communication plan to ensure that medical personnel can be summoned in the event of an emergency

Our goal is to ensure the safety of your construction site and return injured workers back to work in a timely manner.  For more information regarding our construction medics call us at 702-262-2262.